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Live independently. Be active. Rest easy. With the affordable Redhawk Safety Hawkeye device, you can have the freedom to travel wherever you want, whenever you want across the United States or Canada. With a push of a button our highly trained operators can get you the help you need in case of an emergency 24/7/365, tracking your location and providing first responders with real time information.


Plus a one time device purchase of $79.99 No activation fee or long term contracts!

Questions? Call Us At 1-800-616-0007

Our Solution for your Peace of Mind

Reliable GPS technology allow first responders to find you quickly in case of an emergency

Whether you are around the house, out running errands or traveling you can be confident when you have the Redhawk Safety Hawkeye device by your side. Help in an emergency is only the push of a button away.

Have you ever been concerned about a family member wandering off and getting lost? A monitoring portal is included with your Redhawk Safety service which lets you check on or find your loved one conveniently from your smartphone or PC.

In an emergency the Redhawk Safety Monitoring Center notifies First Responders and neighbors, friends or family and gives them your precise location.

Features & Benefits

How it Works

  1. Push the activation button
  2. Speak to our highly trained monitoring professionals anytime, anywhere
  3. Help will be on the way!


Hi, we are Mike & Sandi and we love our Alert Lion emergency alert
device! All Sandi needs to do in an emergency is push a button and a live
voice will answer and ask Sandi if she is ok. Depending on Sandis’
response, a predetermined action will be taken, like call 911. If Sandis’
emergency is something like a burglary she can say an alert phrase and
police will be called immediately. The police or medical help will show up
wherever Sandi is.

It’s a emergency response device, it’s a burglar alarm, it’s a child
tracker, it’s a teenage driver tracker, it’s a stolen car tracker, it’s a
life saver! This device’s location is tracked by both Cellular phone
location and GPS, it always knows where Sandi is, with or without a cell
phone signal. It is an amazing device that is using only some of it’s

Sandi has Parkinson disease and numerous other health issues. Because of
the Alert Lion system she now feels safer about doing things around the
house without her walker or wheelchair and not worrying as much about an
emergency. I no longer need to stay with her all the time because of the
peace of mind we get from the use the Alert Lion system. She has accidentally
hit the button a couple of times and the service has always responded very
quickly and they promptly called me also.

Customer service has been exceptional! They are very quick to answer any
question and give instruction on how to use the device.

Thanks Redhawk Safety for improving the quality of our life!

Mike and Sandi Testimonials

Five Star Reviews

M&S- Arizona

I feel so much safer with the Redhawk Safety Nighthawk device! When my daughter has to leave me to run errands or go to work I know I can get help right away if I need it.

Five Star Reviews

DH- Washington
We live in a remote area, and sometimes I have trouble remembering where I am or where I am going.  I know if I get lost or fall my wife can find me quickly by using the Redhawk Safety Monitoring System

Five Star Reviews

ME- Georgia

what’s included

Charging Base
USB charger
Case with belt clip


GPS Technology